Scrambles - Spring / Fall 

Texas Scramble
Number of Drives
  • Each player must register four tee shots (four-man team).
  • On a three-man team, each player must register 5 tee-shots.
Shooting location
  • After everyone shoots, the team selects their preferred ball and then
  • everyone shoots the next shot from its position (repeat until holed-out).
  • (Everyone tees off, the team selects one drive and then everyone hits a second shot from that position (repeat until holed-out). Balls may be placed (not dropped).
Ball Position
  • Off the green all balls must be placed within one club-length of the position where the initial ball came to rest – no closer to the hole.
  • On the green the balls must be placed where the selected shot came to rest.
  • All shots must stay on the same surface type as that of the selected ball.
  • (If the ball position is in the rough, then the club length cannot be used to move onto the fairway and a ball on the fringe cannot be moved to the putting surface.)
  • To facilitate pace-of-play, a player may ‘tap-in’ to secure a score for the team.
  • If a player misses a tap-in then he is not permitted to participate in any further putting for that hole.
  • (If a team is putting for a 3 and one of the players comes-up an inch short, then he can tap in to secure the 4 for the team. All the remaining putters may still putt for the 3.)
  • (If the player misses the tap-in, and none of the other players makes the initial putt for 3, then the player who missed the tap-in cannot putt again on that hole.)
3-Man Team Rotation
  • On three-man teams one player will shoot twice from each position.
  • Players will take turns, in strict rotation, as to who shoots twice for any given position.
  • All final team decisions are to be made by the captain, unless the team agrees otherwise.
  • Please facilitate pace of play by having speedier players retrieve wayward shots.
  • 4-man putting competition
  • Aggregate score
  • All players must putt-out.
Pace of Play - It is the captain’s job to maintain a normal pace of play.
  • Decisions of which ball to select should be made ‘on the hoof’, while leaving the tee box.
  • Go to the next tee immediately after the final putt has sunk (no practice putting).
  • Know the order of play and have players be ready for their turn.
  • Have faster (younger?) players retrieve wayward balls.
On the Greens
  • Use tap-ins
  • Have a player at the hole to mark the ball     
Event History 
  • Closing – 
  • Opening – 
  • Closing – 
  • Opening – 
  • Closing – 
  • Opening – 
  • Closing – 
  • Opening – 
  • Closing – 
  • Opening – 
  • Closing – 
  • Opening – 
  • Closing – 
  • Opening – 
  • Closing – Mills, Sherriff, Jones, Wiens
  • Opening – Griffin, Kirkey, Macrae, Kyrwaniuk
  • Closing –
  • Opening – Griffin, Richmond, Russell, Armitage
  • Closing – Newton, McRae, Musil, Delorme (-7)
  • Opening – Wong, Tkach, Kwan, McCormack (-10)
  • Closing –
  • Opening – Holden, Newton, Gordey, Nelson